Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Commercial Locksmith Security

As a business owner you have a lot on your plate, you're making sure your operation is running smoothly and moving forward. You don't need unnecessary problems that are avoidable. An issue that is on every business owners mind is security. Keeping your business and your employees safe is a top priority that needs to be taken seriously. There are a number of steps to take to insure that your business has top notch security.

  • High Security Locks : Due to possible criminal activity you need high security locks. Pick proof locks, bump proof, drill proof and anti kick in locks are widely available from numerous manufacturers. Mul-t-lock, Medeco, Assa Abloy, Kaba, Alarm Lock are just a few to choose from who are extremely reputable companies. 
  • Access Control :
    Not only for convenience purposes but more importantly security reasons, access control gives you the power to control who has access or who can go into a certain room. A lot of jewelers for example have an electric strike on the storefront door with a buzzer to let me people in, this is for theft prevention. Another form of access control is combination locks, proximity locks and biometric (fingerprint) locks. This allows certain employees in certain rooms.
  • Surveillance Cameras and Alarms :
    Everybody knows how important having cameras and alarms for your business is, this will make it that more difficult for a criminal to get away. 
  • Safes : Having a high grade and fire rated safe is extremely important if you have any valuable paperwork, cash or commodities. Amsec, Hollon, Gardall, Messa are just a few names to go with. Cheap Sentry safes are easily opened with just a basic grinder power tool and if a fire did occur you can forget about your valuables. 
  • Heavy Duty Doors and Windows : For a lot of criminals it's just easier to break the window or door to get access to your business. Having commercial grade hardware is well worth the investment to prevent those amateur criminals gaining access.

Nothing is a guarantee to prevent these situations but if you can do everything you can do to protect your business then you should. Calling the proper locksmith can help you with all of it, not all locksmiths do access control or electronics, some don't do doors and some locksmiths are frankly just bad at there trade. Island Lock King should be your long island locksmith for all of your security needs. 

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  1. Hello! Very useful post! Tell me, please, which one of your High Security Locks list is the best in your opinion? My trusty locksmith told me about Mul-T-Lock and Medeco locks. Are they really that good?